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Australian model offers ‘A Bikini A Day’: ‘Most of us can’t magically wake up looking like a Victoria’s Secret model’

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Australian bikini model Natasha Oakley has shared tips everyone — but especially women — can use to look their best on the beach this summer.

Oakley, who started the “A Bikini A Day” website with her friend Devin Brugman, told Harper’s Bazaar – UK that it’s all about self-esteem.

“The truth is that most of us can’t magically wake up on the first day of summer looking like a Victoria’s Secret model,” Oakley told the magazine.

“Living a balanced and healthy lifestyle is important all year round, but there’s no doubt that we are most concerned about our bodies during the summer,” she added.

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Some of the model’s advice applies to anyone — male or female — heading out to the beach: Taking care of skin with moisturizers and using a good SPF sunblock. And she stressed that confidence is key.

“Being comfortable in your own skin is the key to feeling confident when you step out onto the sand. As long as you are living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, you should be rocking what you’ve got,” she said. “Never compare yourself to anyone else.”

For women, Oakley said, the classic triangle bikini is “a failsafe for all body types” but also highlighted certain styles that work to accentuate certain figures.

For a fuller figure, she suggested a one piece, and said a bandeau works best for a small to medium bust size. Her advice for those who are a little bustier is an underwire.

Either way, they all seem to look good on her.

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