Ex-Trump aide answers Geraldo’s ‘kick your racist ass’ challenge: ‘Bring it on!’

Geraldo Rivera after getting his nose broken in 1988. (Photo: DemocraticUnderground)

If this Tricky Dick aficionado has his way, pistols at dawn is the answer to the clash of egos.

Roger Stone, the flamboyant former aide to Richard Nixon and now former Donald Trump presidential adviser, took time out from basking in the limelight over his tussle with the real estate tycoon over who fired whom to respond to his other ongoing ego contest with Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera.

And it could set up Geraldo’s most publicized altercation since he accidentally got his nose broke by a white supremacist on the set of “Geraldo” back in 1988.

Rivera took it upon himself to go after Stone last week after Stone, who has a reputation in the political realm as a “dirty trickster,” criticized political commentators Ana Navarro, a CNN analyst, and Roland Martin, a former CNN contributor, for being “quota hires.”

A fiery back-and-forth between the two men on social media culminated with Rivera threatening, “When I see you around Fox News I’m going to kick your racist ass punk.”

“Bring it on, Geraldo,” Stone said Saturday in response, according to the Daily Caller.

“I would remind that there was a time when public figures settled their differences with pistols at dawn,” he added. “Maybe there’s something to be said for that.”

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Stone, who may or may not be running for U.S. Senate — he announced in May that he was forming an exploratory committee to run for the seat being vacated by GOP presidential contender Marco Rubio — said he “used to respect Geraldo.”

Either way, he let the liberal loudmouth know he’d be around.

“I’ll let you know next time I’m in the building,” he said. “After all, what’s left when your shows have been cancelled and your greatest contribution to TV in recent years is losing on ‘Celebrity Apprentice?’”

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One thing is certain, the potential duel will provide both men with what they so desperately crave — attention.

Tom Tillison


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