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Chuck Todd tries to bait Rubio on Trump’s remarks; why Rubio isn’t biting

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rubio-mtpRepublican presidential contender Marco Rubio has had his fill of “The Donald.”

Fresh off an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer on Friday, where three out of four questions directed at him centered on the real estate tycoon turned presidential contender, the junior senator from Florida sat down with Lauer’s colleague Chuck Todd — who wanted to talk about Donald Trump.

In that interview aired Sunday on “Meet the Press,” Todd mentioned Trump’s remark directed at Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that referenced “blood coming out of her wherever,” asking the Cuban-American presidential hopeful to respond.

But Rubio wasn’t biting.

Video: Here’s what made Trump so mad at Megyn Kelly

“If I comment on everything he says, I mean, my whole campaign will be consumed by it,” he told Todd. “That’s all I’ll do all day.

“At this point, we’ve got to focus on our message,” Rubio added. “Otherwise, my whole campaign will be ‘how do you feel about how Donald Trump said about something.’ He says something everyday.”

Rubio did acknowledge that the skyrocketing interest in Trump has helped draw attention to the GOP primary race.

“The debate was the most watched non-sporting event on cable history,” he said. “We beat ‘Sharknado.’ That’s not bad. But look, the point is that a lot of people got to see high-quality candidates have a debate, the first among several.”

Meanwhile, NBC continued to talk about Trump. And predict, yet again, disaster for the man who’s remade the Republican primary contest.

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