Baltimore cops: Mosby’s office hid Freddie Gray’s ‘CRASH FOR CASH’ schemes

Lawyers for the six cops charged in the death of Baltimore heroin dealer Freddie Gray have opened up another  front against Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, filing new court papers that accused prosecutors of trying to suppress Gray’s history of targeting police agencies by injuring himself in custody — and then suing.

Gray died on April 19 after being injured in the back of a police van following his arrest on April 12. The death sparked weeks of violent protests and riots in the city of Baltimore.

Now, evidence is mounting that Mosby’s office is trying to stack the deck to get a conviction against the police that have been charged in Gray’s death — at any cost.

According to the Baltimore Sun, defense attorneys in the case filed a motion on Thursday accusing Assistant State’s Attorney Janice Bledsoe of telling investigating police to not “do the defense attorneys’ jobs for them” by going after information that showed Gray  on at least one occasion had “intentionally injured himself at the Baltimore City Detention Center.”

The event was part of a pattern of “crash-for-cash schemes,” the Sun Reported.

Defense attorneys said in the motion that Bledsoe’s alleged statement “would seem to indicate some level of knowledge that exculpatory evidence exists which could benefit the officers charged in Mr. Gray’s death and that the prosecutor did not want this information uncovered by investigators,” the Sun reported.

This report comes one week after a similar report of defense attorneys accusing prosecutor Marilyn Mosby and her office of withholding evidence in the case from prosecutors and becoming “essential witnesses” in the case rather than prosecutors.

If true, this information could lead to the prosecutors being removed from the case.

The state’s attorney’s office told the Baltimore Sun there isn’t a lot of precedent for that happening.

That’s something the defense attorneys agree with, but they argue the actions of Mosby’s office “and its attorneys in the Freddie Gray case are unprecedented,” according to the Sun.

“Rarely do prosecutors inject themselves so deeply into the fabric of an investigation — as State’s Attorney Mosby and her prosecutors have done,” they wrote in the motion filed Thursday. “To make themselves material witnesses in a case in which they are supposed to act as lawyers.”

Carmine Sabia


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