Viral video, awesome role reversal: Guy informs wife that she’s pregnant before she knows

A YouTube blogger did a role reversal and deviated from the traditional “wife tells husband she’s pregnant” trope.

Sam Rader decided to make a video behind his wife’s back for the couple’s YouTube channel “Sam & Nia” after she told him she was two weeks late. He ended up surprising her with her own pregnancy.

Rader explained that Nia Rader doesn’t flush the toilet at night because she doesn’t want to awaken their two children, so he was able to obtain a urine sample and use it for a pregnancy test.

The test came back positive, and Sam Rader excitedly rushed into the kitchen, where his wife and children were, to tell them the good news.

The video has been viewed more than 8 million times since it was published on Wednesday.

Watch the exciting moment in its entirety:


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