MSNBC: Women who like ‘macho’ Trump ‘would be the ones making the sandwiches for the guys’ poker game’

Far-left MSNBC host Chris Matthews says women who like Donald Trump also must like to be subjugated by men.

On his “Hardball” show Friday, Matthews insinuated that women who support the 2016 Republican presidential front-runner probably prefer men who push them around.

He asked guest Stephanie Schriock, president of Emily’s List, “Are there women out there that like, in the old school, they would be the ones making the sandwiches for the guys’ poker game?”

“Are there women who just like macho guys, even this kind of rough behavior, I guess there must be some,” he added.

Schriock shrugged off the suggestion while taking a swipe at the Republican candidate field.

“Sure, there are some, but we know that the vast majority of women, and particularly women voters who are looking at this election, are looking for candidates who are about an agenda that is going to advance women and families in this country, and we didn’t hear any of that last night,” she said, referring to Thursday’s GOP debate.

Carmine Sabia


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