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Hilarious parody — What happens to your body after eating bacon?

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A popular info-graphic circulating on the Internet and purporting to show what happens to the human body within an hour of drinking Coca-Cola has spawned some hilarious parodies.

Coke Infographic

In one such parody, JD Foods, maker of Bacon Salt, gives a tongue-in-cheek description of what happens within an hour of eating bacon.

The graphic describes the plight of cooking bacon “for your entire household” while trying to avoid eating most of it before it reaches the table.

At the 45 minute mark, it reads, “More bacon is ready! You eat 3 ½ more strips, and Scotch-tape the remaining half to the other leftover half to approximate one full strip. You emit an evil laugh.”

At 60 minutes, it says, “Science tells us that we take an hour off our lives for every seven strips of bacon we eat. This is the same science that doesn’t know what 85 percent of the universe is made of, how cats purr, or why we’re here.”



Here are two more parodies:

Daily Mail Inforgraphic

Pabst Infographic

Carmine Sabia


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