FBI to begin offering therapy to would-be jihadists in the US

The FBI is going into the counseling business.

Jihad style.

The Obama administration has launched a new approach to deal with potential ISIS supporters in the United States and it will require the FBI to offer therapy for the would-be jihadists.

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And an even more disturbing aspect of the plan is that there are “thousands of Americans” who fall into this category.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Faced with a wave of potential homegrown Islamic State supporters, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is embarking on a new approach with some suspects: putting them in counseling rather than handcuffs…

Proponents of the intervention model say it provides a possible “off ramp” from radicalization and addresses a hard truth: The FBI cannot effectively investigate all of the thousands of Americans who are believed to be interested in Islamic State, also known as ISIS.


“Fox & Friends Weekend” reported that officials said up to 10 percent of potential terror suspects will be recommended for counseling instead of arrest, with teenage suspects being a prime targets.

That’s right, instead of arresting the budding terrorists, the U.S. government will provide a comfortable couch instead — but don’t worry, those attending counseling will continue to fall under the watchful eye of the FBI.

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4 thoughts on “FBI to begin offering therapy to would-be jihadists in the US

  1. Kenneth Clark says:

    Well based upon Obama’s recent comments comparing conservatives to Iranian jihadists, most of us here can probably expect a visit from the Government “White Coats” in the near future with special jackets for us to don.
    I truly believe “One has Flown over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and he is at Martha’s Vinyard for the next two weeks.
    There is but one way to fix the issue and Ted Cruz offered the remedy last Thursday evening in the “Debate”.

  2. tbird90sc says:

    No one is beyond therapy, it just takes the right tools. A 9mm comes to mind.

    1. Rip Rogers says:

      Time to dust off my flying license.

  3. Jeff Simon says:

    According to Obama’s Press Bimbos they will also require jobs.

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