Angry customers to ditch Target stores after they remove gender-based signage

GenderSigns-HeaderTarget is bringing Americans one step closer to a gender-neutral society.

The department store chain announced what it called “something exciting” Friday. After some customers complained about certain toys’ being designated as appropriate for girls, it is doing away with signs denoting gender classifications.

“Over the past year, guests have raised important questions about a handful of signs in our stores that offer product suggestions based on gender,” according to Target’s online publication, “A Bullseye View.”

Toys no longer will be labeled according to sex and displayed on either pink or blue shelving. Gender-neutral signage also will appear in the children’s bedding section. The only place gender labels will remain is in the children’s clothing department.

The gender-labeling brouhaha began last June when Target customer and Ohio mother Abi Bechtel snapped a photo of Target signage indicating “Building Sets” and “Girls’ Building Sets” and tweeted it to the chain along with a stern message.

“It stood out to me as a good example of the way our culture tends to view boys and men as the default, normal option, and girls and women as the specialized option,” Bechtel told CNN.

Maybe that particular sign was a bit ridiculous, but it certainly didn’t require eliminating all gender classifications to correct it.

Oddly, Target said that “we use signs and displays specially designed to help guests get through the store efficiently,” and “signs that sort by brand, age or gender help them get ideas and find things faster.”

So, the answer is to remove signs that help customers “get through the store efficiently”?

Others saw through Target’s illogical decision and took to social media:

One has to wonder where this will end. The White House announced in April that it was installing a gender-neutral bathroom in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next to the West Wing.

Ike must be rolling over in his grave about that one.

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360 thoughts on “Angry customers to ditch Target stores after they remove gender-based signage

  1. abrupt219 says:

    I would ask people who are *really upset* about this what exactly they find so upsetting. Don’t give me some generic answer about “political correctness taking over the culture and ruining America”. Why do you FEEL so upset by this?

  2. Mo Fei Chen says:

    Headlines should read ‘Ignorant dipshits think gender neutral means you promote transsexuals and Fox & Friends tells people to hate Target for it.’ Morons.

  3. Hog Dog says:

    I started referring to the Target stores as the homosexual stores a couple of years ago when I read about how aggressive they are in supporting homosexual and related issues. Back then they would not support disabled veterans and only supported homosexuals. My guess is that this latest gender issue is part of their larger agenda to support homosexuals and so called transgender people. Like I said, I have not shopped in a Target in at least two years and ain’t about to resume supporting a company who wants to change our culture to some politically correct hogwash!!! Try Kohl’s, Sears, etc.

  4. seazen says:

    Oh, no! Target is acknowledging that we live in the 21st Century! For those who wish it were the 18th Century this is a trauma!

  5. ren_man says:

    1) Do not speak for the dead or even deign to “know” how they would react.

    2) stop being so sexist — that only certain toys or fabric patterns/designs are for specific genders — and thereby continuing out-of-date gender norms that have no place in today’s society.

  6. I C Black Racists says:

    To have low-life scum – some of whom manage Target – demean my ancestral heritage, and The Confederate Battle Flag, in order to
    increase their gross sales is unacceptable They obviously have
    never researched the war of northern aggression, or the heritage or
    history of the Confederate Battle Flag. I do not patronize businesses that dishonor our history or want to change it

  7. Dawn says:

    Trump is right.
    The world is being run by idiots.

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