Viral video, awesome role reversal: Guy informs wife that she’s pregnant before she knows

A YouTube blogger did a role reversal and deviated from the traditional “wife tells husband she’s pregnant” trope. Sam Rader decided to make a video behind his wife’s […]

Angry customers to ditch Target stores after they remove gender-based signage

Target is bringing Americans one step closer to a gender-neutral society. The department store chain announced what it called “something exciting” Friday. After some customers complained about certain toys’ being designated […]

FBI to begin offering therapy to would-be jihadists in the US

The FBI is going into the counseling business. Jihad style. The Obama administration has launched a new approach to deal with potential ISIS supporters in the United […]

YES, Trump did win the FOX News debate – softballs vs. baseballs

Editor’s Note: Opinion articles do not always reflect opinions of BPR Donald Trump won Thursday’s Fox News/Facebook presidential debate. If one were to employ a baseball analogy for the […]

Video: Megyn Kelly tells why she almost didn’t participate in big debate Thursday

Megyn Kelly was her perky self on Friday. The popular Fox News host appeared unfazed by the monumental backlash she was hammered with after Thursday night’s Republican […]

Hillary’s former chief of staff instructed by attorney to delete emails in defiance of court order

Their arrogance knows no bounds. Attorneys representing Cheryl Mills, who served as Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff while Clinton was secretary of state, have told the State Department they’ve […]

Danielle Watts
Django Unchained actress ordered to REWRITE passive-aggressive apology letter to LAPD

“Django Unchained” actress Daniele Watts continues to play with fire, and a judge has put her on notice that he isn’t happy about it. As part of […]

It’s not what you think! Trump explains the part of Megyn Kelly that he meant by her ‘WHEREVER’

Donald Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to try to explain what he meant when he said Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever.” The […]

Hilarious parody — What happens to your body after eating bacon?

A popular info-graphic circulating on the Internet and purporting to show what happens to the human body within an hour of drinking Coca-Cola has spawned some hilarious parodies. […]

Greg Gutfeld has total Twitter meltdown over ”s**thead’ Trump

Count Fox News host Greg Gutfeld among those who took deep offense at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comment in a CNN interview Friday about Gutfield colleague Megyn Kelly’s having blood coming […]

Oops! Bounty hunter raids POLICE CHIEF’s house by mistake – and it’s on video

It was a case of mistaken identity on a major scale. Eleven bounty hunters made a huge error when they swarmed a Phoenix residence late one night this […]

MSNBC: Women who like ‘macho’ Trump ‘would be the ones making the sandwiches for the guys’ poker game’

Far-left MSNBC host Chris Matthews says women who like Donald Trump also must like to be subjugated by men. On his “Hardball” show Friday, Matthews insinuated that women who support […]