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Sheriff Clarke has advice , but NO support for ‘pandering’ GOP candidate who met with Al Sharpton

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clarke artMilwaukee County Sheriff and rising conservative spokesman, David Clarke, was in Cleveland for the Republican debates and dished on who he does not support because of what he calls “typical pandering” and dubious associations.

“I’ve been real disappointed in Rand Paul…I felt he was pandering,” Clarke told the Daily Caller as he recalled a past incident.

“Early on, he met with Al Sharpton. And I don’t care who people meet with, but the reason he gave for meeting with Al Sharpton was he wanted to get the black perspective of things,” Clarke said.

In April Clarke made headlines when he wondered aloud why “Sharpton isn’t in federal prison for tax evasion.”

Now, Clarke is wondering how a top Republican presidential contender would willfully choose to meet with a man who constantly instigates racial controversy.

As Daily Caller pointed out, Sharpton tweeted about the meeting Clarke was referring to. Paul and Sharpton were said to be discussing the tumultuous events surrounding Ferguson, Mo., at the time.

While the tweets didn’t exactly signal a love-fest, the meeting was apparently enough to turn-off the conservative Sheriff completely.

“I thought that’s insulting. Al Sharpton is so far removed from the black perspective,” Clarke told the Caller.

Then he offered Paul some advice.

“You know, if he was looking for the black perspective, he could have reached out to me as well,” he said. “I’m not an unknown.”

Clarke also encouraged Paul to go out and meet people in churches and barber shops in order to get a real black perspective.

“[Sharpton] doesn’t speak for all black people. So when I saw that, I thought typical pandering.”

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