Poor Chris Matthews didn’t stand a chance against Carly Fiorina post-debate – she was still on fire

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is proving to be a master at playing political offense.

Fiorina did not rest on her laurels after owning the first round of Republican debates that took place in Cleveland on Thursday.

When she hit the floor for an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews directly after the event, she showed “Tingles,” and his viewers, that she means business.

Fiorina immediately turned the tables on Matthews when he grilled her for attacking Hillary Clinton.

“I was very specific, very fact-based, actually. “You are the one who’s made a generalized comment now about her. Not me.”

When Matthews asked her for specifics on where Clinton had lied, Fiorina was more than happy — and prepared — to oblige him.

“Benghazi, emails, and server,” she said. Fiorina also used the opportunity to slam Clinton’s defense of Planned Parenthood.

To a dismayed Matthews, Fiorina unleashed an unrelenting litany of mishaps and mishandles by the Democrat presidential frontrunner.

“I’ll ask her how she got every single foreign policy issue wrong as secretary of state,” Fiorina said. “That’s how I’ll debate her. On the issues.”

Poor Matthews didn’t stand a chance.

Fiorina is no “lightweight,” and no, those weren’t “tingles.”

And them some!


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