Rand Paul and Chris Christie go at it hard in surprise debate battle

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie exchanged verbal blows over the issue of NSA wiretapping Thursday night during Fox News’ Republican presidential debate. […]

‘Fiorina Fever’ sweeps country; wins debate by STAGGERING amount

Being relegated to the “second tier” of Republican candidates to take the debate stage Thursday night may have been the best thing that could have happened to presidential […]

Ann Coulter fires at Jeb: ‘Talk, talk, talk – all people hear is that he’s going to let his wife’s relatives in’

It’s no surprise that author, immigration expert and conservative provocateur Ann Coulter was tuned into Thursday night’s Republican debates – and ruffling feathers along the way. Coulter took […]

Trump tanks with Fox focus group; attorney pegs it as big set-up by network to take him down

Donald Trump’s in-your-face style, which excited voters as he blazed onto the campaign trail, may have backfired when he was put to the test during Thursday’s Republican presidential debate. Trump […]

Over 800 conservatives react at RedState’s debate-watching party

What happens when nearly a thousand conservatives gather for a debate-watching party? At Thursday night’s RedState Gathering in Atlanta, the cheers and boos could have been mistaken for […]

Video: Here’s what made Trump so mad at Megyn Kelly

Fox News host Megyn Kelly went after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a big way at the first Republican debate, zeroing in on purportedly misogynistic statements he’d made in […]

Twitter picks winner after debate; one candidate blows others out of water with new followers

If the hope was to generate a buzz on social media, one Republican stood far above the rest in Thursday’s debate. With 10 candidates on stage vying for the […]

Rosie O’Donnell responds to Trump’s ugly debate insult that sparked mega-cheers

Donald Trump took a shot at one of his long-time sparring partners Thursday night, and it didn’t go unnoticed. During Fox News Channel’s prime-time Republican presidential debate, […]

Post debate Trump explains bombshell answer that got him booed

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump shocked viewers Thursday night when he refused to rule out a third-party run, but in a post-debate interview with Fox News host […]

Trump on ‘inappropriate’ debate: ‘Bimbo’ Megyn Kelly bombed – she’s ‘overrated and angry’

Donald Trump says he did not get a fair shake from Fox News in Thursday’s Republican debate in Cleveland. After the debate, the presidential candidate said that questions posed to […]

Florida Five: Ted Nugent loaded for Florida bear, 12 Fla. takeaways from the GOP debate

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Rocker Ted Nugent is loaded for Florida’s bear hunt – Take cover, Central Florida bears, the Motor City […]

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Disappointed with Fox debate moderators: ‘Juan Williams couldn’t have been worse’

Letter to the editor: It’s late, I’m tired, grumpy, and just finished watching Fox News’ Republican presidential nomination debate. The opening sequence of the 9 p.m. segment […]