Take that, libs! Entirely Hispanic city council REJECTS anti-Trump resolution

“Teflon Don” got another win on Wednesday. And this one was from a very unlikely source.

An entirely Hispanic city council in the city of Doral, Florida, rejected a resolution to condemn Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s rhetoric on illegal immigration, despite the city being home to a large community of Latino voters.

TrumpThe resolution was brought forward by city councilwoman and Vice Mayor Sandra Ruiz in response to the real estate mogul’s comments regarding “murderers and rapists” taking advantage of America’s porous border, according to Fox News.

Council members who voted against the resolution said they didn’t want to get caught up in the politics of Trump’s comments, but Ruiz argued it had more to do with Doral being home to one of Trump’s largest resorts.

“Money talks,” she said, according to Fox News. “All we wanted was to condemn (Trump’s) offensive words.”

But, apparently, not everyone was as outraged by Trump’s politically incorrect remarks as she was. The council, made up entirely of Hispanic Americans, voted 3-2 to reject Ruiz’s resolution.

It seems liberal outrage isn’t as widespread as immigration advocates would like us to think.

Trump’s comments about illegal immigrants, however, likely weren’t the only words with which Ruiz took issue. Speaking to The Associated Press, Trump described the councilwoman as a “third-grade politician who’s a total phony who shouldn’t be asking me to take a picture with her every time she sees me.”

Ruiz claimed the recent personal attacks didn’t bother her, but also hinted that they might have been a motivating factor in her decision to bring a formal resolution to the council.

“I learned long ago you do not to get mad, but you get even,” she said.

As it turns out, she might have to settle for simply getting mad.

“Getting even” doesn’t seem to be working out too well.


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