Shocking: MSNBC host HOUNDS Hillary aide for not watching Planned Parenthood videos

A liberal MSNBC host conducted an interview that actually resembled real journalism on Wednesday.

Screenshot (291)MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts must have forgotten about the network’s liberal bias when he pressured Hillary Clinton spokeswoman Karen Finney over the ongoing controversy surrounding the undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of organs from aborted babies.

Saying the former secretary of state is “vulnerable” for her blind defense of the abortion provider, Roberts hounded Finney after she revealed that Clinton hadn’t yet watched any of the videos.

“Why not see the videos?” he asked, adding that it weakens Clinton’s defense of the organization to not know the details of the scandal.

Liberals who defend Planned Parenthood without knowing what they’re talking about — or pretending not to know what they’re talking about — are just making themselves look stupid, Roberts said.

“You make yourself vulnerable; and Hillary Clinton makes herself vulnerable; President Obama makes himself vulnerable; Josh Earnest makes himself vulnerable. If you don’t look at these videos in full context; but then, come out in defense of them,” he said.

Finney tried repeatedly to steer the conversation away from the organization’s scandal by repeating the typical liberal talking points about Planned Parenthood’s less controversial services, saying Republican efforts to defund the abortion provider would jeopardize “women’s health.”

While Roberts seemed to agree with Finney’s claim that defunding the abortion giant would be bad for the liberal agenda, he continued to argue that Democrat defenders of Planned Parenthood should at least view the videos so they know what they’re defending.

“When we have policy makers getting out in front of – defending certain things about what they’re being attacked over, and not having seen, in full context, what the videos represent – I think it makes a vulnerability for those people that are out there trying to defend it,” he argued.

“We just have to agree to disagree on that,” Finney said.


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