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Official SLAMS pic of woman wiping her butt with an American flag; now HE’S on the hot seat

john_douglasA Georgia county commissioner is under fire for attacking a “black power” activist using what have been described as “racist” and “sexist” comments on his Facebook page in defense of the American flag.

But mainly he was being insulting. Very, very insulting.

When Newton County Commissioner John Douglas saw a Facebook photo of a black woman disrobed from the waist down, bending over and wiping her behind with Old Glory, he was understandably upset.

The woman, not a Newton County resident, goes by the name Nocturnus Libertus, and issued what she called a “sh*t flag challenge” on her Facebook page, which Douglas got wind of.

Here’s the photo he was referring to, with the disgusting parts blurred out.


Douglas, who reportedly defended the flag as a military veteran, reacted swiftly with this comment:


It says, “She’s just a cheap, street walker knee grow who lays down for white men.”

While Douglas’ anger might have been understandable, the comment was over the top — and he deleted it shortly after posting. But not soon enough.

It’s important to point out here that Douglas’ online insults — however objectionable — were not made in the course of official business and were not even directed at a constituent. It was the social media equivalent of a guy in a bar commenting on something he just saw on television (in this case, it would have been on MSNBC, of course).

Nonetheless, critics are calling for his head, according to MyFoxAtlanta.

“You need to resign and I’ll accept nothing less from you,” said an angry woman at a county commission meeting Tuesday night.

Douglas was contrite but unwilling to step down.

“If I could take it back, I certainly would to say I’m sorry is a vast understatement,” Douglas told the crowd from his seat.

The station reported:

He also outlined what he said was a long history of positive relations with African Americans.

He spoke of a black roommate from the military, of hiring the only black executive assistant in a Republican dominated legislature from his years as a state lawmaker and helping a down on his luck African American in private life. After reading his lengthy statement, Douglas again apologized.

“I understand clearly that I made a terrible error in judgements with my comments,” Douglas said. “If it takes to midnight or 6 a.m., I will listen to everyone that speaks,”

Although most of the people at the meeting called for his resignation, he wasn’t without some support. A fellow veteran presented Douglas with a “dysfunctional veteran” T-shirt.

“When somebody desecrates that Flag I take it personal and I know in a moment of weakness John Douglas said something he shouldn’t have,” the supporter said.

Watch the report, via MyFoxAtlanta

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