GOP contenders share pre-debate rituals in candid — and hilarious — new video

fiorinaSome big-named Republican presidential contenders have decided to share inside secrets about their pre-debate preparations.

Debate Rituals” is the latest in a series of quirky videos produced by IJ Review, and shows numerous GOP presidential hopefuls sharing what it takes to muster the strength and energy before entering a rigorous verbal showdown.

“I go out and run, it’s a great way to relax,” Scott Walker said.

Carly Fiorina revealed the secret weapon that keeps her “mentally focused, but relaxed” is an easy game of solitaire.

For Lindsey Graham, pre-debate rituals conjure up bad memories of a political foe.

“I take my new phone, thanks to The Donald, and listen to Motown to mellow me out,” Graham said. He was, of course, referring to Trump’s earlier move when the billionaire publicly broadcast Graham’s private phone number, inducing the South Carolina senator to get a new phone (and presumably a new phone number.)

Trump wasn’t featured in the video, but Dr. Ben Carson’s wisdom-filled zinger made up for any bombastic remark that Trump lovers may be missing.

“I take these hundreds of pieces of paper, because they have all the advice that people have given me about what to say during the debate – and light them on fire.

“I’m going to be me. So whatever comes out, it’s me,” Carson said.

Right on.

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