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Geraldo threatens Trump adviser: ‘I’m going to kick your racist ass’; social media laughs out loud

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For being 72 years old, you’ve got to give it to Geraldo Rivera for still having plenty of spunk.

Roger Stone, the flamboyant former aide to Richard Nixon who advises GOP presidential contender Donald Trump, took to social media last week to criticize political commentators Ana Navarro, a CNN analyst, and Roland Martin, a former CNN contributor, for being “quota hires.”


Well, the barb got under Geraldo’s skin in a big way, prompting him to fire off a heated reply Wednesday in defense of Martin and Navarro:

Stone, who has the face of Nixon tattooed on his back, responded to Rivera’s comment, ramping up the invective, which then prompted a response from Rivera — was there any doubt — who took the rhetoric into the stratosphere:

Needless to say, social media had a field day. And Stone, who seemed to be the odds-on favorite in the showdown despite being near retirement age himself, couldn’t even stay away here, threatening to reveal “the truth” about a recent selfie Rivera posted — who knows what Stone is referring to?

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Here’s a sampling of responses to the brouhaha from Twitter:

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