Dash cam video NAILS Dem lawmaker claiming police harassment; who’s acting like a child?

Rep. Garnet Coleman / Source: politics.blog.statesman.com

After a Texas state lawmaker — a Democrat — used a public committee hearing to accuse a county deputy sheriff of being abusive during a traffic stop, the Austin County Sheriff’s Office responded in the best way possible.

It released the dash cam video of the incident.

And let the people of Texas now know that Rep. Garnet Coleman is not only a serial speeder, he also has a problem with the truth.

KHOU reported Wednesday:

Coleman, as the chair of the Committee on County Affairs, held a hearing last Thursday in Austin as the first public inquiry into the arrest and death of Sandra Bland in Waller County. In that hearing, the Houston Democrat recounted his own history of being pulled over in traffic stops and gave this account of an I-10 traffic stop that happened just two weeks ago.

“He talked to me like I was a child. He was so rude and nasty. Even when he found out I was a legislator, he became more rude and nasty,” Coleman said of the deputy who pulled him over for speeding.

“And I didn’t understand why this guy was continuing to go on and on and treat me like a child, and basically, like I’m saying is, treat me like a boy. I want to be very clear about that,” the Democratic lawmaker said in the committee hearing.

After making that statement, Austin County Sheriff Jack Brandes decided to release the video taken of the stop and let the public decide who was telling the truth — and who was lying.

“I think the video shows exactly what happened,” Brandes said. “I saw nothing that indicated that he put forth any disrespect whatsoever.”

KHOU reported:

The dash cam video shows a sergeant for Austin County on patrol in the eastbound lanes of I-10 near exit 718. Coleman’s car passes him on the left. The deputy clocked Coleman on radar going 94 miles per hour. The speed limit is 75 MPH. Coleman turns on his emergency flashers, pulls over immediately and the deputy approaches his car on the passenger side.

Watch KHOU’s report, followed by the dash cam video of the traffic stop:


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