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Tantaros fingers Dems for exploding crime: they’re ‘taking side of criminals instead of having backs of cops’

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Citing recent anti-police riots and major crime spikes in cities like New York and Baltimore, Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros laid the blame at the feet of Democrats, saying they were “taking the side of criminals instead of having the backs of cops.”

Screenshot (286)The “Outnumbered” co-host argued Tuesday that cities like New York are on a “high speed coaster” back to the high-crime days of the 1970s, and blamed Democrats like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and President Obama for not actively condemning the violence.

In fact, she argued, they have encouraged it with anti-police rhetoric and a soft stance on criminal activity.

“Why would the police jump into a situation if they’re thinking I won’t have the support of [our leaders]?” Tantaros asked.

“The President says nothing” about young black men getting shot in Chicago, she argued, adding that Democrats have been trying to decriminalize acts that would previously get violent offenders off the streets.

While major cities struggle with increased lawlessness, Obama and the Democrats are busy pandering to anti-police activists, according to Tantaros.

With New York experiencing 22 shootings over the weekend, and Baltimore recording more homicides last month than any time since 1972, maybe the Democrats should stop playing politics with activists and give police the tools and support necessary to keep the rest of America safe.

Michael Schaus


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