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Huma arranged party for Clinton friend Oscar de la Renta on taxpayer dime

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Huma Abedin 2Hillary Clinton and her team had no problems conducting public business on a private email server when she was secretary of state, but they were apparently just as comfortable using the public’s equipment for private business.

Hillary Clinton’s longtime aide and BFF Huma Abedin used her State Department email account to arrange details for a party for fashion designer Oscar de la Renta in 2012 at the Clinton Library in Arkansas, according to the New York Post:

Huma was being paid by US taxpayers, but that didn’t stop her from sending an email from her State Department account about the fete for the old Clinton buddy.

“I have the packet with the floor, pantone [color] options and the floorplan,” Abedin assured a top Clinton library staffer in one missive.
Stephanie Streett, executive director of the library, replied with details about a “temp floor covering that can go over the permanent natural bamboo if they prefer.”

The only thing that got in the way of Abedin’s allegedly taboo moonlighting was her boss’s clunky, controversial, private email server. It was down, leading her to gripe: “My bigger problem right now is I can’t even get into my Clinton email and I wanted to print all the latest documents to go through line by line with oscar,” according to emails obtained through a lawsuit by advocacy group Citizens United.

De la Renta designed both Abedin’s and Chelsea Clinton’s wedding dresses, along with Clinton’s two inaugural gowns — which were displayed at the library retrospective.

As the Post reported, Abedin was paid with taxpayer funds while working for the Clinton Foundation and a lobbying group connected to the Clintons.

With the Clintons, when you’re in, you’re in.

Carmine Sabia


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