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Dueling fundraisers: Biden muscles in on Clinton’s support among Hollywood liberals

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Democrats will be dueling it out this week in Hollywood.

Supporters of Vice President Joe Biden’s potential third presidential run are hosting a fundraiser in West Hollywood Wednesday, as Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton gears up for her own L.A. fundraising effort on Thursday.

Biden and HillaryA group of Democrat donors have been stepping up efforts to encourage Biden to take on Clinton in the Democrat primary – a move that could see powerful Hollywood donors skipping out on Clinton’s efforts to galvanize West Coast support.

“You’d be surprised to know how many people who have supported Hillary have told me they would switch over if Joe Biden announced he was running,” a member of the “Draft Biden Committee” told The Wrap on Tuesday.

Despite Clinton’s frontrunner status, the event for Biden on Wednesday at a posh West Hollywood restaurant was expected to attract the attention of big name liberals across the nation.

“We’re going to see a big uptick in fundraising and public support for Biden in the next coming days and weeks,” another big bundler close to the committee said. “I just got a call from a major bundler to Obama in 2008 and 2012 and he told me he was joining the Draft Biden team.”

The growing support for an alternative to Clinton could cause the former Secretary of State trouble in raising cash from a traditionally easy demographic for Democrats: Hollywood liberals.

“Clinton has been cultivating her relationship with Hollywood since the early ’90s. She spent a lot of time here and has kept those connections going,” Professor Jack Pintey of Claremont McKenna College said, adding that those relationships might be in jeopardy if her approval ratings don’t start climbing.

With her falling approval numbers, and the ongoing controversy over Clinton’s private email server, Biden is starting to look more appealing to Hollywood Democrats, according to members of the Draft Biden Committee.

“He has a Hollywood story, doesn’t he? He’s the real deal. He tells it like it is, and he’s authentic, which is something that people are craving right now,” said an anonymous Biden operative.

Between socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders drawing huge crowds, and “Draft Biden” supporters muscling in on Hollywood donors, Clinton may find her presumed frontrunner status isn’t as durable as everyone thought it was.

Michael Schaus


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