Cruz confronts Maddow’s slam with a bigger gun, a new video, and a sense of humor!

Liberals are well known for sucking every ounce of fun out of a room, but Ted Cruz has a ready answer for this — more fun.

In response to the GOP presidential contender releasing an entertaining video of himself cooking bacon on the barrel of a gun, dubbed “machine-gun bacon,” MSNBC host Rachel Maddow tried to spoil the fun by splitting hairs over whether the weapon used was actually a machine-gun.

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“Does he really not know what a machine gun is?” Maddow asked on her program Monday. “Does he think he was firing one here? Does he want us to think he was firing one here?”

Maddow actually fact-checked the video, concluding that “Ted Cruz doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he’s talking about guns.”

Not about to be shown up by the likes of Maddow, the Texas senator posted a second video featuring… well, a bigger gun! Proof positive that a Cruz administration will bring with it a Reagan-esque sense of humor.

Displaying another well known liberal trait — not knowing when to leave well enough alone — Maddow responded to the second video by sticking to her initial point over whether the gun used in the first was technically a machine-gun.

Game, set and match to Cruz — if only winning the White House was this easy.

Tom Tillison


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