George W. lights up courthouse responding to jury summons; think Obama will do this?

Call him Citizen George. Former President George W. Bush proved Wednesday that even a guy who once enjoyed the trappings of the presidency must still fulfill the […]

Here’s why Alaska should be part of first Republican presidential debate

Opinion articles do not necessarily reflect the views of BPR: Thursday’s Fox News Republican presidential primary debate is important for many reasons. For starters, this is the […]

Former intelligence officials DEMAND Hillary lose her security clearances

Intelligence officials who know the game think Hillary shouldn’t be a player anymore. In a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, a group of former intelligence […]

Sisters go to court when millions hinge on dad’s demands from grave – WAIT until you see the demands!

Talk about ingrates! A New York City real estate tycoon made some modest demands of his daughters before they can inherit $10 million each from his estate […]

92-year-old woman registered to vote for first time so she could vote for Trump

A 92-year-old Tennessee woman is proving the Donald Trump phenomenon has no age restrictions. Knoxville resident Beada Corum told WVLT that she recently registered to vote for […]

Elderly man pounds on NYC cabbie in fit of road rage: ‘Pringles were flying everywhere!’

A New York City cab driver found out the hard way that you can never judge a book by its cover. When a cab driver attempted to […]

Score! Ted Cruz makes MSNBC nuts with bacon video; listen to befuddled Chris Matthews

Apparently not everyone loves bacon and guns. Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz found a creative way to make waves in a crowded GOP field with an amusing […]

Obama has lost it! Says Iranians chanting ‘death to America’ share ‘common cause’ with GOP

Comparing American politicians to Muslim mobs screaming “death to America” is an insult like no other in American politics – and President Obama hurled it Wednesday right […]

Boehner takes jab at Rush; Limbaugh takes him down like a pro

House Speaker John Boehner took what appeared to be a veiled shot at talk radio host Rush Limbaugh while discussing the lack of bipartisanship in politics today, in a Golf […]

Tim Allen regularly jabs Obama in sitcom, says he’s going after Hillary in new season

“Last Man Standing” star Tim Allen has some surprises in store as the show enters its fifth season — and Hillary Clinton fans aren’t going to like […]

County official WALKS OUT on Muslim invocation; ‘I said I would not listen’

A county commission chairman who’d vowed not to listen to a Muslim prayer kept his word this week when he stalked out of a meeting before it […]

Illegal alien with 4 prior arrests suspected of sexual assault, brutally killing woman with hammer

A California woman has died from a heinous attack from an illegal immigrant from Mexico who had been arrested four times before. Much like the death of […]