‘Not cool!’ Social media sounds off after liberal jerk ‘punks’ Scott Walker

A liberal prankster was able to pull a fast one over on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, fooling him into taking an unseemly picture as he made his rounds on the campaign trail in New Hampshire on Monday.

The Republican presidential hopeful was asked to pose with a young man who was holding a “Walker for President” sign and pretending to be a fan. Only before the camera clicked, the clown turned over his sign to reveal his Koch derangement syndrome.

The picture that swept through social media ended up with Walker posing behind a sign that looked like a check made out by the Koch brothers to buy the presidency to the tune of $900 million.

Progressives love little more than to whine and complain about billionaires David and Charles Koch, who largely support Republican candidates. Of course, the fact that Democrats have a vast pool of tycoons who generously line liberal pockets is of no concern.

But that fact wasn’t lost on patriots who took to Twitter to vent how they felt about the prank.

It goes like this: When you’re really rich you are supposed to give to Democrats… otherwise, you’re really “evil.”

Of course, to those who believe that, the prankster, who was later identified by the Guardian as climate activist Tyler McFarland, is a complete “hero.”

So, a guy who can use a Sharpie and flip a poster board is a “brave hero” who executed “flawless victory?” Thankfully, Tweeters were there to counter the madness.


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