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‘It was a twin’ Planned Parenthood selling entire babies in video number 5

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Melissa FarrellA fifth video of the butchers at Planned Parenthood has been released — and it’s the worst yet.

In the video, Melissa Farrell, the director of research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, is seen bragging to undercover investigators that abortion doctors are able to perform abortions to get the body parts that buyers request, Life Site News reported.

“They can make it happen,” Farrell said. “We bake that into our contract, and our protocol, that … we deviate from our standard in order to do that.”

Farrell admits to the investigators from the Center for Medical Progress that the sale of the body parts creates a “diversification of the revenue stream.”

It doesn’t get much plainer than that: The tissue sales clearly provide a profit to the clinic despite a federal law prohibiting the sale of body parts and organs for profit.

“If we alter our process, and we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers, we can make it part of the budget,” Farrell said on the video, indicating she will sell investigators the entire bodies of aborted babies. “It’s all just a matter of line items.”

Some would say it’s a matter of “lives” — not line items.

The worst part of the video comes at the end when an employee gets an aborted baby from the refrigerator and says, “it was a twin.”

And yet there are politicians who want to continue funding these murderers.

Carmine Sabia


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