Holy Trump card! BRILLIANT plan involves Trump squashing Planned Parenthood

donaldtrump0804newestA conservative California attorney and retired Army colonel veteran who moonlights as an online columnist has posted an idea for Republican front-runner Donald Trump that could shake up Thursday’s Republican debate in Cleveland.

And could have the baby butchers of Planned Parenthood shaking in their blood-spattered boots.

Trump needs to put his money where his mouth is, commentator Kurt Schlichter wrote:

Here’s what he needs to say:

“In the last few weeks, we’ve seen videos that show Planned Parenthood for what it really is, a butcher shop pretending to help women. And then we’ve seen the liberal establishment run into court to stop the truth from coming out. Well, that’s why I am taking one million dollars of my own money, and matching your donations up to another million, to put my crack legal team on the case to defend the Center for Medical Progress in any court, anywhere, so the truth can keep coming out and we can defund Planned Parenthood!”

Besides showing off his considerable wealth – and whatever his virtues, Trump does like to show off – Schlichter wrote that the idea of a national challenge would build up Trump’s admittedly shaky bona fides when it comes to right-to-life issues.

And besides the political angle, it would offer some real, folding-money assistance to the Center for Medical Progress, the organization behind the undercover videos that have shown Planned Parenthood executives – doctors, no less – actually dickering for the body parts of babies dismembered in their mothers’ wombs.

Schlichter wrote:

The firm that got the Los Angeles injunction is a (surprise) Chicago-based national firm housed locally in a Century City high-rise. It’s a top flight crew with a solid reputation, packed with lawyers with degrees from the most exclusive schools, and it could put a bunch of them on drafting a complaint and an application for a temporary restraining order overnight. The Center was represented by a sole practitioner from out in the sticks who actually got some of the requests denied. Good job, but the Center was outgunned.

With Trump’s money – and the millions in matching donations that would almost certainly flow in from “everyday Americans” disgusted with the worst form of human trafficking on American soil since the 13th Amendment, the Center for American Progress might be on a more equal battle field.

There’s no way to know if Trump is listening to a guy like Schichter, of course. But from the social media response, a whole lot of people are.

Well, let’s not get carried away. Trump has been many things in his 69 years on earth — and during his decades in the public eye — but a “fool” isn’t one of them.

Two things he has been, though, are wealthy and daring.

Schlichter’s idea gives him a chance to be both — in front of a national audience, and the men who would defeat him.


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