California town appoints 2 illegal aliens as commissioners

Johnny PinedaOnly an attitude of utter contempt for the law could make an American city appoint illegal aliens to public office,  but that’s exactly what happened in one California town.

The city of Huntington Park, in Los Angeles County, on Monday approved the appointments of two illegal aliens for volunteer positions.

One of the appointees, Francisco Medina, is set to serve on the health and education commission. The other, Julian Zatarain, will be on the commission for parks and recreations, CBS Los Angeles reported.

Both were nominated by City Councilman Jhonny Pineda.

“Having worked at the federal level, I understand that not everything that you do reflects good on the entire nation,” Pineda told CBSLA. “Of course, we’re going to have people who disagree with me, but I’m fine with that.”

Despite support from Mayor Karina Macias, the move was met with vitriol by many in the community, according to CBSLA.

“You only want to appoint these specific individuals, only two, because they’re your personal friends that worked on your campaign,” one resident stated to Pineda at the meeting. “Shame on you.”

Community activist Sandra Orozco also spoke out against the appointments, stating that they send the wrong message to the community and to the country.

“We’re sending the wrong message to other cities that you can be illegal, and you can come and work for a city,” Orozco said.

In all fairness, they’re only sending the same message the Obama administration has been sending for six years.

Carmine Sabia


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