Washington Post hits Lindsey Graham with damning allegations of trumped up military promotions

A member of Congress using their position for personal gain? Say it ain’t so!

Republican presidential contender Lindsey Graham’s military service is coming under scrutiny after a Washington Post story published on Sunday claimed the senator from South Carolina was the recipient of special treatment,  allegedly being given promotions he didn’t earn.

After 33 years in the Air Force, including 20 years as a reservist while a member of Congress, Graham retired from military duty this summer. And while his run for the White House thus far can be equated to a tree falling in the forest with no one around, the accusations against Graham are damning.

The Post reported Sunday:

But a detailed examination of Graham’s military record — much of it obtained under the Freedom of Information Act — shows that the Air Force afforded him special treatment as a lawmaker, granting him the privileges of rank with few expectations in return.

During his first decade in Congress, the Air Force promoted Graham twice even though documents in his military personnel file reveal that he did little or no work. Later, the Pentagon gave the military lawyer a job assignment in the Air Reserve that he highlighted in his biography for several years but never performed.


Graham, who brings up the rear of the field in most GOP primary polls, touts his military service throughout his campaign in support of his reputation as a national security hawk.

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While this doesn’t rank up there with the hit piece on former President George W. Bush over his National Guard service, which brought down venerable CBS News anchor Dan Rather, the story did prompt a lot of discussion on social media, both in support of Graham and against him. Including a few who blame the Pentagon.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:


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