Rick Perry ready for more Trump: ‘I’m not going to be quiet . . . I’m going to push back hard’

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Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry‘s posturing leading up to this week’s Republican presidential primary debate could result in some interesting moments between him and fellow contender Donald Trump.

Perry has been critical of Trump in the past, calling him a “cancer on conservatism,” and the candidate was asked about that remark Sunday during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”

I’m not going to be quiet, Chris, when Donald Trump shoots a bullet through John McCain and hits veterans, particularly veterans who have been captured, I’ll challenge Donald Trump,” he said. “You go tell Marcus Luttrell, who was captured by the Taliban, that he didn’t like being around people who had been captured.

“I think that was one of the low moments of this campaign from my perspective.”

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The former governor has a special relationship with Lutrell, the former Navy SEAL and author of the best selling book “Lone Survivor,” who looks to Perry as a father figure.

“And I’m not going to be quiet about that,” Perry added. “I am going to clearly push back and I am going to push back hard.”

He explained the “cancer” remark by pointing to Trump’s previous support for nationalized health care.

“When you think about that he’s for single payer, I mean, how can anyone who’s a conservative stand up and say, ‘I am for a single payer for healthcare,'” Perry said.

Rest assured, we haven’t heard the last of this kerfuffle.

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