Obama sheds his wedding ring and Michelle’s out of picture for summer, Beltway buzzes

Some inside the Beltway were buzzing over President Obama‘s appearance in public this weekend with a piece of jewelry conspicuously missing from the left hand of the most leftist of presidents:

His wedding ring.

Obama was photographed by the Associated Press on Sunday sans wedding ring on his return to the White House from Camp David. But his ringless weekend began much earlier, when he was photographed on Friday, signing a highway bill with an unadorned left hand.


Without prying into the private affairs of the first couple’s marriage, it’s worth noting that the first lady has spent much of her summer away from her husband – taking the girls on a trip to Europe in June that cost taxpayers a pretty penny, and spent last week in Palm Springs, according to the Free Beacon.

That being said, it’s difficult to imagine what the president might be accomplishing by going without a ring. It’s not like he has a chance to convince some potential romantic interest he’s not married. Singles bars in D.C. aren’t exactly full of women who aren’t politically aware.

And Bill Clinton he’s not.

Twitter tongues were wagging.


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