Geraldo makes mistake of including ‘penis envy’ in his self-righteous rant; bad move, buddy!

Bleeding heart liberal Republican Geraldo Rivera just couldn’t leave the “Cecil the Lion” poaching story well enough alone.

The 72-year-old Fox News regular, who has taken to posting shirtless “selfies” on Twitter to bolster his own masculinity, called the Minnesota dentist suspected of killing the lion a “jerkoff” on social media, and has determined that “penis envy” is the key motivation for those who enjoy hunting.

Rivera expressed outrage over a lack of focus on “real issues” regarding Republican presidential contender Donald Trump, as well as fellow candidate Mike Huckabee’s comment about Obama marching Israel to the “door of the ovens,” but ran out of umbrage before getting around to the Planned Parenthood scandal.

As for Rivera’s use of the phrase “penis envy,” mockingly asked if “the White House petition to ban the man … from using the word ‘penis’ [has] reached 100,000 signatures yet?”

Social media users eviscerated Rivera in response to his tweets, which may leave one wondering if he enjoys the abuse. Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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