Navy shoots down rumor officer will be charged for using gun during terror attack — for now

Responding to a wave of social media criticism over accusations that the Navy plans to bring charges against an officer who fired a gun during the terrorist […]

Knockout beauty UFC fighter Ronda Rousey gets her sexy on – but with a sailor’s mouth

Before her impressive victory in 34 seconds at UFC 190, social media “critics” started to body shame Ronda Rousey for having a figure that’s “too mascu” for […]

Gossip site Gawker posts Donald Trump’s cell phone number; but joke was on them

The guys and gals at Gawker probably thought they had a real good scoop on their hands Monday morning when the gossip site published a post with […]

CNN’s Chris Cuomo does some epic White House boot-licking; aw-shucks, at least he tried

CNN “New Day” co-host Chris Cuomo started out playing hardball with White House chief spesman Josh Earnest about the administration’s continued blind support for Planned Parenthood. But […]

FBI alert: Family members of military personnel being approached by ‘Middle Eastern males’

They’re approaching the wives of servicemen with veiled threats. Even if the White House can’t use the words “Muslim” and “extremist” in the same sentence, the FBI […]

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Hero soldier is paralyzed trying to rescue drowning girl; ‘I’ve been through tougher,’ he says

An Army special forces soldier who bre his neck when he rushed headlong into the churning waters of the Gulf of Mexico waters to save a drowning […]

Ted Cruz makes ‘machine gun bacon’ and it’s a pretty cool video

When he isn’t being a senator from Texas, or a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, Ted Cruz spends some time appealing to voters who appreciate two […]

Grooms’ ugly wedding outbursts; move over bridezilla!

Videos showing two grooms responses to their wife’s playful gestures at their wedding receptions are picking up steam on — and opinions are pretty strong. In the […]

MYOB! Journalists hammered for creating auto bot to correct people who say ‘illegal alien’ on Twitter

Two journalists have created a bot for that corrects people who use correct English to describe “illegal immigrants” and “illegal aliens.” The writers from the Disney-owned […]

Obama sheds his wedding ring and Michelle’s out of picture for summer, Beltway buzzes

Some inside the Beltway were buzzing over President Obama‘s appearance in public this weekend with a piece of jewelry conspicuously missing from the left hand of the […]

Geraldo makes mistake of including ‘penis envy’ in his self-righteous rant; bad move, buddy!

As for Rivera’s use of the phrase “penis envy ” . . .

Trump’s slogan proves GOP is racist! Because MSNBC says so

An MSNBC panelist claimed that GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” is proof that his base of support is, by and large, […]