Young girl gets astonishing answer to ‘letter to heaven’ for deceased dad

There are times when things can’t be explained.

There are other times when there can only be ONE explanation: divine intervention.

You can be the judge which applies in the story of a Oklahoma widow and her daughter, who released balloons at the grave of their beloved husband and father — the “letter to heaven” had a note attached asking whoever found it to contact the family.

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When the balloons were released, they got caught in some power lines. The mother, Sandy Seibold, offered up a quick prayer.

“I said, ‘Please God, let these balloons fly for her,'” Seibold said.

And they did — a sudden gust of wind came up and freed the balloons.

But that wasn’t the remarkable thing that happened that day.

When the family got home a couple of hours later — 25 miles away — daughter Saige went to a pasture where she often goes to think and, lo and behold, the balloons and the note were waiting for her, caught in the barbed-wire fence.

Tom Tillison


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