Illegal alien flees felony charges in a stolen car — tries to CHEW OFF his own fingerprints

File this one under bizarre.

When Lee County, Florida, sheriff’s deputies stopped a 2015 Mercedes that had been reported stolen, the charges they racked up against the driver, Kenzo Roberts, didn’t stop at grand theft auto, according to NBC affiliate WPTV Channel 5 News.

Roberts had in his possession three stolen credit cards, a concealed weapon and he was using fraudulent identification.

WPTV reported:

As Roberts was being detained in the back of the patrol vehicle, surveillance video shows him attempting to remove his own fingerprints by chewing them off and rubbing them against the cage.

The ploy wasn’t successful though, as a fingerprint scanner quickly identified Roberts.

Then the reason for trying to conceal his identity became clear. When the sheriff’s office ran his prints through the system, it turned out that Roberts was wanted by Broward County, Florida, on two felony warrants for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Also, Border Patrol advised them that Roberts is in the country illegally.

All this and he’s not even old enough to buy a beer legally — he’s only 20.

Watch the report via WPTV


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