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Confederate rally draws throng of supporters, and protesters itching for a fight

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Hundreds of people turned out Saturday in support of a pro-Confederate flag rally in Stone Mountain, Ga., and their numbers overwhelmed the handful who turned out to protest.

But that didn’t stop the flag protesters from trying to start trouble.

Traffic was backed up for miles leading to Stone Mountain Park, which features a carving in the side of the mountain of three Confederate generals. Organizers made it clear their goal was a respectable event, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A Facebook event page was set up for the rally and organizers stressed that they rejected racial slurs, taunting and violence.

“Remember there will be people everywhere!” organizers said. “Possibly media and cameras, ONE piece of negativity and that will be what goes Viral and that is what we will be remembered for … If you think you can’t handle it don’t come.”

They also rejected hate, in all its forms, by keeping out an admitted member of the KKK who showed up at the event, according to WXIA.

“They made it clear that he was not welcome to the crowd’s chants of ‘Go away KKK,'” the NBC affiliate reported.

A small number protesters also showed up, including one who stomped on a Confederate flag while calling those attending the rally racists.

“[They’re] trying to instigate the crowd – that could cause some problems,” John Bankhead of Stone Mountain Police told WXIA. “I hope it settles down soon.”

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Some who opposed the rally took umbrage to a number of men and women standing at the entrance of the park exercising their lawful right to open-carry a firearm, with one liberal media source referring to them as “armed militia members” — due to the camouflage clothing, no doubt.

The event went off with no arrests and Confederate flag supporters of all races enjoyed themselves. There was even a wedding.

Here’s a sampling of the day as seen on Twitter:

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