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Vacation central WH takes shot at GOP for summer break; ironic quote of the week!

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earnestWhite House press secretary Josh Earnest took at a puzzling shot at Republicans for “skipping town” early after the GOP-led House adjourned a day early for its annual summer break.

Apparently the spokesman for the “vacationer in chief” did not think through what he was saying.

“I do hope that Republicans will just rest and relax during their 39-day vacation, because when they do finally show up again in September, there won’t be a lot of patience or a lot of sympathy that they don’t have time to do their job,” Earnest said at Thursday’s daily press briefing, CNN reported.

Members do not return from the break, known as the “August work period,” until after Labor Day, and Earnest couldn’t resist the urge to mock the misnomer.

“The description of the ‘August work period’ is the best of both worlds, because it extends beyond August and they’re not actually working,” he said.

But it’s not like anything changes when Democrats control the House — and President Barack Obama is certainly no stranger to taking vacations.

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The Washington Examiner reported earlier this year that, according to CBS White House reporter Mark Knoller, the president “has taken 22 vacation trips spanning all or part of 160 days.”

That doesn’t count the more than 200 rounds of golf Obama has enjoyed while in office.

When you add separate vacations by first lady Michelle Obama and their daughters, the Examiner said the first family has “racked up 38 holidays, working vacations, and fun trips.”

The article noted that the Obamas are on par to take “at least 45 holidays before leaving office,” costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

House Speaker John Boehner’s office wasn’t too thrilled with Earnest’s comments, calling them a “cheap shot” at Congress, CNN reported.

“Our members will be home in their districts, helping their constituents and listening to their opinions on the big issues facing the country,” Boehner spokesman Cory Fritz said Thursday after Earnest’s remarks.

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