NASCAR driver paints ‘Trump for President’ banner on vehicle ahead of race

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump is drawing support from a lot of unlikely sources, but one of the more surprising places is among the elite body of NASCAR race car drivers.

For the second week in a row, Korbin Forrister, a driver in NASCAR’s Camping World Truck Series, adorned his truck with a “Trump for President” banner, according to Fox Sports.

Forrister had no commercial sponsors for Saturday’s race at Pocono Raceway, so he took advantage of the available space on his No. 08 truck to show support for the GOP front-runner.

“I support Donald Trump and what he is trying to do,” the driver said. “America needs it. A large majority of the response we received was positive, there was some negativity, but we expected that.”

Fox Sports noted that Trump is not behind Forrister’s efforts.

And while some will suggest the Forrister is fishing for a Trump sponsorship, the drive believes he has something in common with the candidate.

“I believe that Trump speaks the truth and it’s my right to show my support for his campaign,” he said. “He’s kind of going at it on his own and that’s the way I approach a lot of things so we are going to do it again at Pocono, only better with some American flags along with the symbol of our great country, a bald eagle.”

Either way, Trump will hope to fare better that Forrister, who finished Saturday in 27th place out of a field of 32 drivers, after being involved in an on-track accident.

A scan of social media showed those who opposed the idea outweighed those who support it. Here’s a sampling from Twitter:


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