Hillary aide Huma facing ‘criminal’ conduct investigation; BUSTED by using Clinton’s secret email

humaThe swirling vortex of Hillary Clinton’s scandal-ridden past may sink one of her top aides for illegally dipping into the public trough, despite investigators’ being thwarted by Clinton’s missing emails.

Investigators found that Huma Abedin, vice chairwoman of Clinton’s presidential campaign, probably was overpaid by nearly $10,000 because of violations of rules governing vacation and sick time while she served as an official in the State Department, according to a Washington Post story Friday.

The finding emerged publicly after Sen. Chuck Grassley — chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee — sent letters, which were obtained by the newspaper, to Secretary of State John Kerry and others about an investigation into possible “criminal” conduct by Abedin.

Grassley’s letters sought the status of a months-long inquiry into Abedin’s “special employment situation,” which allowed her to work simultaneously for the State Department, the Clinton Foundation, and a private firm closely tied to the Clintons.  Many of Abedin’s email exchanges were sent through Clinton’s private email server.

According to Grassley’s description of the investigation, Abedin’s time sheets indicated that she never took vacation or sick leave during her four years at the State Department, from January 2009 to February 2013. But the investigation, the senator wrote, found evidence that Abedin did take time off, including a 10-day trip to Italy, and that she told colleagues in emails that she was out “on leave.”

The Post reported that in letters sent Thursday to Kerry, Abebin, and the Office of Inspector General, Grassley wrote that the staff of the inspector general had found “at least a reasonable suspicion of a violation” of the law concerning the “theft of public money through time and attendance fraud” as well as “conflicts of interest connecting to her overlapping employment.”

Abedin, who is married to disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner, has formally contested the finding.

The Clinton campaign, along with the State Department’s Office of Inspector General, and State Department, all refused to comment on the investigation.

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Steve Berman

Steve Berman

Steve is a serial entrepreneur who has been starting and running businesses for 25 years. Writing about conservative causes is his passion.
Steve Berman


121 thoughts on “Hillary aide Huma facing ‘criminal’ conduct investigation; BUSTED by using Clinton’s secret email

  1. mickie43 says:

    And these people run our government??? We really NEED to Pray more often!!!

  2. Jerry says:

    Wienies woman supposed to be a devout muslim accused of stealing.

    i thought that was illegal according to the mullas.

  3. Lgbpop says:

    Wow. Chuck Colson had his nuts cut off by the Senate Select Watergate Committee, for double-dipping just the same way as Hillary’s lover seems to have done.

    Funny, Clinton was tossed off of that committee for unethical behavior – yet now, her lesbian lover seems to be being protected by Herself.

  4. willynilly says:

    By the grace of God this house of cards will fall.They all think that their actions are buried deep in the shadows but God sees all and knows all. If this great nation will turn back to God he will not turn his back on us. He will show us the evil and corrupt and he will cleanse the world and deliver us. But man has always turned his back on God, man has always thought that he could rule without God but we have been shown time and time again the wrath of God and the mercy.

  5. Kathy Hansen says:

    Hey it is Hitlary’s lover she’ll get away with this!

  6. monacall says:

    Maybe she will give up hillbery!

  7. stinkerbean says:

    If you can’t get to Clinton directly then go after everyone who is protecting her. They should try this with Obummer. Go after Valerie Jarrett and Axlerod. They have been skating with their dirty work for years. This fight for the white house will be vicious. The Dumbacrats will do ANYTHING to win because if they lose a lot may be prosecuted. I say we use Planned Parenthood money for prosecutors to go after them. That would be money well spent. Of course we have the IRS Bonus money too. Fire them all and start from scratch.

  8. John Farnan says:

    These folks seem to be above the law.
    Federal employees, no matter their party affiliation, should be outraged

  9. Ward Damon Hubbard says:

    Don’t these two bump fuzzy ugles?

  10. carolskey says:

    BO…Holder…Lerner…Clinton…Abedin…trickle down amorality at its finest. And America wonders how it is that all of the scandals just keep coming…

    God please open the eyes of liberal Americans to the EVIL in their midst!

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