Do you remember? 15-years ago Trump is POTUS in episode from uber-popular TV show

lisa-presidentIf you think the idea of a Donald Trump presidency is something new, think again: the producers of “The Simpsons” foresaw his administration 15 years ago.

But they didn’t seem to like it.

On March 19, 2000, viewers saw episode 17 of season 11, called “Bart to the Future,” in which Bart Simpson gets a chance to see what life would be like in 30 years thanks to an American Indian he encounters at an Indian casino he’s visiting with his family.

Although Bart turns out to be a broke musician, his sister Lisa ends up being elected America’s “first straight female president.” But that doesn’t mean it’s all wine and roses for her.

“As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump,” she says in the Oval Office.

“Remember when the last administration decided to invest in our nation’s children?” says Secretary Milhouse van Houten. “Big mistake.”

Trump’s “Balanced Breakfast” and “Midnight Basketball” programs created a “generation of ultra-strong super-criminals” who can “function without sleep,” the dialog continues.

His programs also bankrupted the country, according to the “Simpsons” episode.

In real life, however, it’s doubtful the real estate tycoon would care much about such programs. He’s more focused on closing the southern U.S. border and kicking Islamic State terrorists’ butts.

Here’s the segment:


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