How dare they! Photo comparing gay marriage victory to Iwo Jima beyond disrespectful

Seriously, he says he doesn’t get it. A gay photographer who celebrated Friday’s Supreme Court decision in favor of gay marriage by posting a Facebook photo changing […]

Florida car dealer facing fines for American flag display stands his ground

A Florida car dealership is facing fines for displaying its patriotism. The Kia dealership in West Palm Beach faces penalties of up to $1,000 per day for […]

Axelrod mangles truth; questions pour in about Hillary email cover-up

As the State Department continues its court-ordered release of emails from Hillary Clinton’s days as secretary of state, the number of truth-challenged people in Washington is only […]

Megyn Kelly grills Ted Cruz over Supreme Court fix; ‘you want to rewrite the Constitution?’

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz tangled with “The Kelly File” host Megyn Kelly Tuesday, defending his proposal to give American voters the power to remove Supreme Court […]

‘Whiteness is terror’: Black professor says white people ‘conditioned’ to commit mass murder

A former professor at the University of Memphis used her Twitter account – promoted at the time by the university’s website – to make the claim that […]

Unprecedented interference: Fireworks industry figures out that Obama administration is ‘insane’

Like many other Americans, executives in the fireworks industry think the Obama administration is “insane,” but they have their own reasons. With the Fourth of July season […]

Video: Girl bursts into tears after Hillary touches her

It’s unfortunately not a parody. Someone in the Clinton campaign actually thought this was an effective advertisement. A new official campaign commercial for Hillary Clinton features a […]

‘Major admission’: Baltimore brass fesses up to ‘stand down’ order given during riots

Despite months of denials by top city officials, a new report confirms Baltimore police officers trying to do their duty during the April riots that rocked the […]

‘But Sarah Palin’s the dumb one’ . . . Hillary’s embarrassing emails: Fumbling with fax, clueless to Cabinet meetings

Maybe Madam Secretary isn’t as bright as she is on TV. The release of the first 3,000 carefully screened emails compiled by former Secretary of State Hillary […]

Adios, Geraldo! Coulter vs. Rivera immigration clash filled with jabs, and a clear winner

Best-selling conservative author Ann Coulter squared off against Geraldo Rivera over illegal immigration for “The Kelly File” audience Tuesday night – and the former newsman-turned –drunk-tweeter – didn’t […]

Florida Five: County to give citations for pot possession, Judge blocks abortion waiting period

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Miami-Dade adopts $100 fine for pot possession — Miami-Dade commissioners voted Tuesday to let police treat marijuana possession […]

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