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Fourth Planned Parenthood STING video released: Selling dead babies’ bodies ‘intact’?

Things got worse for Planned Parenthood on Thursday when the pro-life group Center for Medical Progress released its latest undercover video of the abortion giant: This one […]

University wants to ban ‘AMERICAN’ from politically correct English

It’s an assault on the English language only Orwell could love.

Ted Nugent TAKES AIM at Cecil the lion story: ‘God, are people stupid’; here’s why

There’s at least one person who’s coming out in defense of the Minnesota dentist who’s under attack – and reportedly has gone into hiding – for killing […]

Planned Parenthood claims HACK attack, so why do so many people NOT BELIEVE it?

Planned Parenthood could be cracking under the pressure from an ongoing expose showing the group’s abhorrent practice of selling aborted baby parts for profit.

Ben Carson masters Operation — and makes slamming Obamacare look like child’s play

Sometimes it really does take a brain surgeon. Neurosurgeon turned fledgling politician Ben Carson might have left the operating room with his retirement, but he showed he’s […]

Ted Cruz supporters LASH OUT at Romney over Iran deal sniping; ‘This … is why he lost’

If only Republicans went after Democrats as aggressively as they do one of their own. Showing an assertiveness that was sorely missing in his 2012 run against President […]

Ann Coulter lays out how latest illegal alien murder case is part of REAL war on women

Now this is a war on women. Conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter joined Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Wednesday to explore the bizarre case of […]

Hillary fundraiser slams door on the penniless; gets SLAMMED by local TV

No public speeches, no media interviews, and no love from local news outlets. That’s the story of Hillary Clinton’s recent fundraising trip to Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Making the […]

MSNBC hosts openly STUNNED by Trump supporters’ verdict; ‘He’s one of us!’

The hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” were completely shocked Thursday — and even looked a little green — after hearing the articulate responses from a focus group […]

‘Information suppression!’ Judge puts a lid on some new Planned Parenthood video releases

A California judge has granted a temporary restraining order that prohibits the Center for Medical Progress from releasing any video that includes mention of a private company […]

Tell-all book reveals: Bill’s MISTRESS is more popular in the Secret Service than Hillary

A new book with an insider’s-eye view of the Secret Service is blowing the whistle on Bill and Hillary Clinton‘s strange marriage — and sometimes strained relationship […]

Donald Trump BLASTS breast-pumping lawyer’s sexism story: ‘She made it up!’

The Donald was pumped! Presidential contender Donald Trump went on the offensive Wednesday over a female attorney’s story that accused him of losing his head when she […]