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Mika goes into wicked witch mode; ‘Morning Joe’ co-hosts rush guest off air for his own protection

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mika“Morning Joe” show co-host Mika Brzezinski proved she rules the roost during an uncomfortable interview with Daily Beast reporter Tim Mak.

In trying to decipher where the actual news was regarding Mak’s now-debunked story that Donald Trump had “raped” his former wife, “Morning Joe’s” male hosts lightly grilled the Beast reporter.

Joe Scarborough and another host lamented, and then agreed, that divorce is “ugly business.” Then they lamely asked Mak what else could be “trolled upon.”

Brzezinski was beginning to squirm.

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“OK,” an exasperated Brzezinski interrupted. “All right, you guys all just let me know when you’re actually going to uncover something new,” she said.

The Beast reporter tried in vain to redeem himself.

“I think it’s totally relevant [that] the top adviser to Donald Trump doesn’t believe that spousal rape is illegal,” he said.

Brzezinski was not impressed with a word he tried to say and planted herself firmly in wicked witch mode.

“Great,” she flatly said. “Thank you,” she added, and not-so-subtly signaled to get him the heck off the air.

Sadly, Mak kept trying to appease Brzezinski while she again said, “That’s great.”


Scarborough knew he had to get Mak off the air before things got even uglier.

“We need to get you back on, with another topic,” Scarborough said. “I think it’s just best for all of us right now to thank you for coming, and slowly step away from this segment.”

“Boy, he walked right into a buzz saw,” Scarborough added after Mak left.

That buzz saw has a name, Mr. Scarborough: Mika Brzezinski.


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