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‘Insulting and dangerous’: O’Reilly’s furious with president and attorney general

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o-reillyWhat happened to the concept “justice for all,” or does that not apply to the unborn in the Obama administration?

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly called President Obama’s silence on the Planned Parenthood scandal both “insulting and dangerous” during his “Talking Points Memo” Thursday.

The pro-life group Center for Medical progress released a fourth undercover video Thursday depicting Planned Parenthood’s harvesting and sale of fetal body parts – often in late-term abortions. Yet neither the White House nor the Department of Justice has taken any action against the organization.

O’Reilly played a short clip from the latest undercover video, depicting a Planned Parenthood official stating that they didn’t want to get caught “selling fetal parts across states.”

“Now if that is not enough to make the Justice Department move, and Congress to immediately suspend payments to Planned Parenthood — if that’s not enough, then wee don’t have a Justice system in this country any longer,” he said.

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“The silence from the president and attorney general is insulting and dangerous,” O’Reilly added. “Are you people in Washington going to respect the law or not?”

“Trafficking in baby body parts on the taxpayer dime?” O’Reilly said. “What kind of country is this?”


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