GOP machismo raging: Rick Perry challenges Trump to ‘pull-up contest’

Politics is getting to the frat-house level between Donald Trump and Rick Perry.

Trump is making a lot of enemies on his presidential campaign warpath, and no opponent is emerging quite as strongly as fellow Republican candidate Perry.

The two have been engaged in verbal sparring for several weeks – but now Perry wants to make it physical, challenging Trump to a good ole’-fashioned pull-up contest.

“Let’s get a pull-up bar out there and see who can do more pull-ups,” Perry, former governor of Texas, said after a speech at the Yale Club in New York City on Wednesday.

As if GOP presidential campaign shenanigans couldn’t get any more entertaining or bizarre!

Last week, Trump slammed Perry, saying he should be required to take an “IQ test” before the GOP debate. But Perry seemingly wants to put his brawn where his brains should be.

Perry made the pull-up challenge after he was confronted with Trump’s criticisms, which said Perry lacked “toughness, energy and brain power.”

Twitter users weighed in, and largely agreed that the challenge was testosterone-induced.

(Warning: provocative language.)

As they said: testosterone.

Oh, lighten up. It was a joke! Right?

Stay tuned.

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