‘Get Out White Boy!’ Ex-employee sues DC government, claims he was fired for being white

Harassed, intimidated and fired for being white.

That is what a former Washington, D.C., Department of Public Works administrator says happened to him, and now he’s suing the city, Fox News reported.

Christopher Lyons told Fox News that he was often called names like “cracker,” “honky” and “white boy” by employees in front of other managers and that the harassment culminated with Lyons’ finding a sign that read “Get Out White Boy!” on his door on his last day on the job in August 2012.

Get Out White Boy

According to Lyons, his car, which was parked in a supposedly secure DPW parking lot, was damaged when black employees doused it with paint and garbage, and when he reported it, the same group filed false complaints against him that were ultimately found to be “without merit,” according to court documents.

Lyons said that when he told department head Bill Howland about the abuse, he did nothing to help and assured Lyons’ coworkers that he would be fired.

On the day of his termination, Lyons said, he found a bunch of slurs and derogatory comments written on his door, including the “Get Out White Boy” sign.

“I am surprised [the racial discrimination] happened at this level of government,” Morris Fischer, Lyons’ attorney, told Fox News. “We’re all Americans. We all have to treat each other the same, and we have to put aside whatever differences we have.”

Bill Howland
Bill Howland photo via NBC News.

Departmental spokeswoman Linda Grant denied the charges in a statement to Fox News in which she said the “Department of Public Works is committed to equal employment opportunity and ensuring all employees are treated fairly.”

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