Planned Parenthood claims HACK attack, so why do so many people NOT BELIEVE it?

Planned Parenthood could be cracking under the pressure from an ongoing expose showing the group’s abhorrent practice of selling aborted baby parts.

The taxpayer-funded “healthcare provider” — and nation’s No. 1 abortion provider — announced online Wednesday that its website was down after being hacked into by “extremists.”

Only savvy social media users saw through the ruse.

How could Planned Parenthood’s site be unusable, and yet still be able to issue a convenient message touting the group’s services?

The first reports of a hacking attack by supposed anti-abortion activists were reported on Monday. But folks at were skeptical from the beginning:

When Twitchy reported Monday that Planned Parenthood’s employee and email databases had allegedly been hacked, we found ourselves using words like “allegedly” and “reportedly” quite a bit. The Daily Dot, which broke the news, reported that the hackers “say they attempted to deface Planned Parenthood’s site” but couldn’t because the site’s “back-end is so terribly configured.”

So much for Planned Parenthood’s claim that “extremists who oppose Planned Parenthood’s mission and services … have called on the world’s most sophisticated hackers to assist them in breaching our systems.”

Defacing a homepage is Hacking 101.


Tweeters got busy scolding, mocking, and admonishing Planned Parenthood for the suspected con-job.

Thankfully, @RedSteeze was on the case:

Social media users have got your number, Planned Parenthood!

But the scenario got even more pathetic. After being called out, PP actually did shut down its site, you know, to make it look authentic.

That seems to sum it up. And then @RedSteeze did a little digging:

Harfidy, Harf, Har…


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