James Woods sues Twitter troll for $10 million over ONE wild accusation

Conservative actor James Woods has had enough abuse from a Twitter troll.

Woods filed a $10 million lawsuit Wednesday against a Twitter user known as “Abe List” over a derogatory tweet that accused him of being a cocaine addict, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The tweeter is a apparently a dyed-in-the-wool lib who objected to Woods referring to former Olympian Bruce “Call me Caitlyn” Jenner as “Bruce Jenner.”

The tweeter is likely a supporter of the reeling abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

So naturally he or she felt comfortable attacking a conservative celebrity from the shelter of anonymity.

Here’s the Woods tweet that prompted the exchange.

In a tweet that is no longer available, “Abe List” responded, “cocaine addict James Woods still sniffing and spouting,” according to Gawker.

(Apparently, in some minds caring about the destroyed lives of unborn children — and calling human beings by the genders they were born with — is equivalent to the insanity of drug addiction.)

That was too much for Woods, who has already endured Twitter insults from “List” such as “‘prick,’ ‘joke,’ ‘ridiculous,’ ‘scum’ and ‘clown-boy,'” according to The Hollywood Reporter, which quoted the lawsuit.

Woods suit states the drug accusation — which was seen by his “hundreds of thousands of followers” — “stepped over the line.”

Woods “is not now, nor has ever been, a cocaine addict, and AL had no reason to believe otherwise, Rather AL’s outrageous claim is the culmination of a malicious on-line campaign by AL to discredit and damage Woods’ reputation, a campaign which began as early as December 2014,” the suit states.

The true identity of “Abe List” is not public, of course, but according to The Hollywood Reporter:

“The defendant’s social media profile suggests that he or she is based in Los Angeles, a partner in private equity, possibly Harvard educated and luckily, married to an attorney.”

Woods himself hasn’t commented on the lawsuit on Twitter, but social media users were divided on Woods’ chance of success with a lawsuit filed against a party whose identity might never be known.

But many predicted that Woods had opened himself to yet more abuse by filing the lawsuit.



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