Hillary fundraiser slams door on the penniless; gets SLAMMED by local TV

No public speeches, no media interviews, and no love from local news outlets.

That’s the story of Hillary Clinton’s recent fundraising trip to Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Screenshot (272) Making the former secretary of state’s campaign efforts the lead story Wednesday, local news WNEP-ABC pulled no punches, drawing attention to presidential hopeful’s closed-door approach to fundraising.

“No public speeches. No interviews. No nothing,” anchor Marisa Burke reported.

The fundraiser – which required a minimum $1,000 donation to attend – was not open to the public or the media. And Clinton’s out-of-touch style of campaigning seemed to strike a nerve with the local news personalities.

“If you did not have the thousand bucks, you could forget about seeing her,” Burke added.

Clinton has faced growing criticism from the media for her refusal to make herself available for interviews and questions. And, as Burke’s attitude seems to demonstrate, she might not be able to count on local media to give her a pass on her insulated approach.

Michael Schaus


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