Ben Carson masters Operation — and makes slamming Obamacare look like child’s play

pupilsSometimes it really does take a brain surgeon.

Neurosurgeon turned fledgling politician Ben Carson might have left the operating room with his retirement, but he showed he’s still got what it takes in a video produced by IJ Review.

The pediatric neurosurgeon and the first doctor to successfully separate conjoined twins at the head showed off his skills in a playful game of the children’s classic, Operation.

And took a shot at Obamacare in the process.

With steady hands covered in surgical gloves, the Republican presidential hopeful went to work.

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“You have to be able to assess the various shapes and sizes of the things that have to be removed. And remove them in such a way that your forceps don’t touch any of the edges,” Carson quipped.

“Let’s start with his inflamed heart…” he joked. “He has fixed dilated pupils…”

Carson worked on his patient until he flawlessly removed all of the parts.

“The patient has been cured!” he said, and offered one warning, “I think Obamacare would require a large deductible.”


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